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A Nonalcoholic Spritz for Sober September

A Nonalcoholic Spritz for Sober September

Whether you’re taking a break or never looking back, we got you covered

As September fast approaches, many people are gearing up to enjoy their first month of fall soberly. ‘Sober September’ has gained momentum with the sober curious movement, as many people practice a month of sobriety after a summer of indulgence. But while the first few days of September might be a breeze, finding a treat that scratches the itch of a cocktail can be quite a challenge after a couple weeks. Fortunately for you, we’re here to support you and help you achieve your ‘Sober September’ and beyond.

We are all lucky that we live in a day and age with so many nonalcoholic options. CBD seltzers alone are vast, delicious, and healthy! Personally, I have to say that in this heat, it’s hard to beat the Watermelon Mint CBD Seltzer from High Peaks. Just on its own it’s refreshing! But can it be dressed up to a mocktail? Yes, yes it can. Here is just one way to make this crushable seltzer into a mocktail!

Start with the garnish:

  • 2 edible flowers
  • 1 king cube ice tray
  • 8 ounces filtered water

Fill about 1/3 of 2 of the king cubes with water. Allow to freeze about 2 hours, add flowers and top with water. Allow to freeze another 2-4 hours. Place in large rocks glass.

Sober September Spritz

  • 2 ounces High Peaks Watermelon Mint CBD Seltzer
  • 2 ounces Seedlip Citrus Nonalcoholic Spirit
  • ¾ ounce lime juice
  • ½ ounce simple syrup
  • ½ ounce cranberry juice

Add Seedlip Citrus, lime juice, simple syrup, and cranberry juice to a shaker with ice, shake and strain over king cubes with edible flowers in them.

Top with High Peaks Watermelon Mint CBD Seltzer

There’s a lot that’s fun about this mocktail. Firstly, it’s pretty and pink, with more pretty things (the flowers) that will only become more visible as you sip and the ice melts. I personally love a mocktail that looks like a cocktail: not everyone wants to walk around a restaurant or a BBQ with a boring old soda or lemonade as their substitute for a mixed drink. This mocktail is meant to stand out amongst mocktails but blend in with cocktails. As a bartender, I’ve always taken joy in giving someone a more elevated mocktail when they request a nonalcoholic mixed drink. So the appearance might be my favorite part about this build.

But what about the taste? I’m glad you asked! The Sober September Spritz is like a grown ups’ version of a pink lemonade. It is tart, light, and effervescent. The watermelon and mint flavors from the seltzer water subtly blend in with the bright lemon flavors from the Seedlip Citrus. This mocktail drinks like a Cosmo (the initial inspiration) that won’t go to your head, so have as many as you want!

So cheers to Sober September! You can look for more nonalcoholic mixing options throughout the month with videos to accompany them on our Instagram!