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A Very CBD New Years

Add some sparkle to your NYE

We made it through another year of COVID, masks, protests, and dare I say – pivoting! It’s time to raise our glasses to what we’ve survived, where we have thrived, and look towards the hopeful future of 2022.

I wanted to create an easy twist on a classic, because this year has been complicated enough. I’m utilizing High Peaks Sparkling Water and Hemp Extract, to add some bubbles to your New Year’s Eve. I chose the grapefruit flavor because I love the way it pairs with tequila, and I thought a reposado based cocktail would be really fun for a wintery play on a Tequila Gimlet.

This drink is for anyone who likes Tequila Gimlets and Palomas. I call it the Ball Drop!

Ball Drop

Add all ingredients but the grapefruit seltzer to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake.

Strain into a Champagne Flute.

Top with the grapefruit seltzer.

This is an easy cocktail if you have several people celebrating with you. You can easily make two of these in a shaker at a time and one can of High Peaks Grapefruit Seltzer will last you twelve drinks.

I love playing with cocktail glitter and I feel like it does so well in Champagne Flutes. Feel free to periodically give your glass a coy swirl as you make the rounds this NYE, the glitter does tend to settle at the bottle of the glass!

Tasting wise, this cocktail is tequila forward without being too much tequila. The reposado gives the cocktail a nice, full-bodied and rich flavor while the grapefruit and agave mellow the brightness of the lime just enough.

Cheers to a new year and a new chance to find your peak!