Chest Fuel

Tracing the Family Tree

Chest Fuel

Meet Chest Fuel, our latest cannabis strain meticulously crafted through the genetic cross of T.I.T.S. (This Is The Shit) and Chem91 Bx3. This innovative hybrid brings together the extraordinary lineage of its parent strains, showcasing the bold flavors and potent effects of T.I.T.S. while integrating the distinct diesel aroma and therapeutic properties of Chem91 Bx3. Discover Chest Fuel and experience the culmination of an exceptional breeding process that unites the best of both worlds.
flavor & feel


Shaping the Style

Chest Fuel’s enticing buds boast a rich forest-green hue, with vibrant orange pistils woven throughout and a generous coating of frosty trichomes. The tantalizing aroma of this strain presents a delightful fusion of sweet, fruity undertones and pungent, earthy diesel notes, making it a treat for the senses.

When consumed, Chest Fuel offers a balanced high, pairing potent cerebral uplift with soothing body relaxation. Ideal for recreation or medicinal use, it’s perfect for relaxation post long day or igniting creativity at social events. Experience Chest Fuel’s exceptional blend and let it enhance your cannabis adventure.

24% THC

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Savor The Harmony


A meticulously crafted hybrid strain that unites the euphoric cerebral rush of a sativa with the serene, soothing comfort of an indica. Embodying the essence of innovation and harmony, Chest Fuel offers the ultimate equilibrium of sweet fruitiness and pungent diesel notes for a transcendent cannabis encounter like never before. Chest Fuel – the exquisite fusion of rich aromas and unparalleled effects, elevating your cannabis journey to new heights.



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