Citrus City

Citrus City

Probing the Origins

Introducing Citrus City, a vibrant and invigorating cannabis strain born from the harmonious union of Lemon Tree and Kush Cleaner. Lemon Tree, known for its zesty lemon aroma and uplifting effects, brings a burst of citrus energy to the mix. Kush Cleaner, with its deep-rooted lineage in the powerful and relaxing OG Kush, lends a purifying touch. Together, they create Citrus City – a unique strain that artfully blends refreshing citrus notes with a soothing kush influence, perfect for those seeking a balanced and inspiring experience.
flavor & feel


Evoking the Sentiment

Citrus City’s remarkable aroma captivates the senses with its tantalizing fusion of zesty lemon and subtle earthy undertones. The buds boast an enticing appearance, featuring a medley of deep green hues, intertwined with vibrant orange hairs and adorned by glistening trichomes. Upon consumption, Citrus City delivers a symphony of effects, seamlessly blending Lemon Tree’s uplifting and energizing essence with Kush Cleaner’s soothing and relaxing attributes.
This harmonious combination makes Citrus City an ideal strain for users seeking a well-rounded experience – perfect for easing stress, enhancing creativity, and elevating social situations. Relish in the exhilarating flavors and unparalleled versatility of Citrus City, and let it redefine your cannabis journey.

24% THC

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A distinctive and meticulously crafted hybrid strain that offers the invigorating and refreshing qualities of a citrus burst, melded with the calming and purifying essence of kush lineage. Thus, embodying the essence of rejuvenation and inspiration. Citrus City – the ideal fusion of zesty lemon, earthy undertones, and a hint of sweet florals for a transcendent cannabis experience unlike any other.



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