Davy Jones Dank

Davy Jones Dank

Unraveling the Roots

Davy Jones’ Dank, a potent and alluring new cannabis strain masterfully crafted by crossing the legendary Pirate Sweat with the enigmatic 88g13hp. This unique lineage combines the best of both worlds: Pirate Sweat’s notorious potency and rare, mysterious origin with the remarkable stability and powerful genetics of 88g13hp. Prepare to embark on a transcendent journey as Davy Jones’ Dank unleashes a treasure trove of flavor, aroma, and unparalleled effects that are sure to enthrall your senses.
Davy Jones Dank
flavor & feel


Designing the Temperament

Davy Jones’ Dank boasts an enticing aroma, blending sweet tropical fruits with earthy undertones, giving a nod to its Pirate Sweat heritage. The buds display a captivating visual appeal, showcasing deep emerald hues and vibrant orange hairs draped in glistening trichomes, a testament to the 88g13hp influence. As you indulge in this strain, you’ll experience a harmonious symphony of euphoria and relaxation. The cerebral high, swift yet gentle, lifts your spirits and inspires creativity, while the soothing body effects ease tension and discomfort, offering a truly balanced and unparalleled experience. Davy Jones’ Dank has set sail, charting a course for a remarkable cannabis odyssey.
The perfect balance between relaxation and invigoration, Big Apple Bliss is ideal for creative pursuits or unwinding after a long day. Experience the unparalleled combination of exquisite flavor, captivating aroma, and harmonious effects with each puff of this extraordinary strain.

24% THC

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A skillfully crafted hybrid strain that delivers the euphoric and creative surge of a sativa, fused with the soothing and calming essence of an indica. Embark on a journey that captures the spirit of exploration and wonder. Davy Jones’ Dank – the ultimate blend of tropical fruits, earthy notes, and a hint of spice for a transcendent cannabis adventure unlike any other.



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