Gothic Gas

Gothic Gas

Following The Family Tree

Gothic Gas, an extraordinary hybrid born from the marriage of Chem Dog and Snow Lotus, brings together the best of both cannabis worlds. Chem Dog, known for its diesel aroma and potent cerebral effects, joins forces with Snow Lotus, a strain praised for its frosty trichomes and soothing full-body experience. This fusion creates a sublime balance, promising an unparalleled sensory journey with Gothic Gas as your guide through its rich lineage.
Gothic Gas
flavor & feel


Orchestrating the Spirit

Gothic Gas exudes a distinct aroma, blending the pungent diesel notes of Chem Dog with the subtle earthy and floral undertones of Snow Lotus. The buds boast an impressive visual appeal, adorned with frosty trichomes and a medley of deep green and purple hues. As you indulge, the strain’s effects artfully intertwine, offering a harmonious blend of invigorating cerebral stimulation and profound body relaxation.
Users will appreciate the uplifting, creative mindset and a serene sense of tranquility, making Gothic Gas an exceptional choice for those seeking a well-rounded cannabis experience.

24% THC

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An amazing strain that fuses the invigorating and creative elements of a sativa with the soothing and tranquil nature of an indica, personifying the harmony of exploration and relaxation. Gothic Gas – the impeccable blend of pungent diesel, earthy undertones, and floral accents for an unparalleled cannabis journey that transcends expectations.



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