New York Nirvana

New York Nirvana

Discovering the Forebears

Experience the magic of New York Nirvana, an exceptional cannabis strain born from the exquisite genetics of Betsy. With roots in the concrete jungle, this groundbreaking hybrid brings together the finest characteristics of its parent strain, delivering a sublime fusion of flavors, aromas, and effects. New York Nirvana promises to elevate your senses while paying homage to its legendary lineage, offering an unparalleled journey through the finest cannabis cultivation.
New York Nirvana
flavor & feel


Building Character

New York Nirvana presents a visual spectacle with deep green buds adorned by fiery orange pistils, accentuated by frosty trichomes. Its signature aroma—a pungent, skunky, dank tropical fruit scent—creates an olfactory experience as unique as the city it’s named after. As you draw the first puff, let its potent, exotic fragrance and smooth, creamy smoke captivate your senses. Offering a harmonious blend of cerebral uplift and deep relaxation, it sparks creativity and focus while gradually soothing the body and releasing tension.
This remarkable strain delivers a refreshing and revitalizing experience—a true urban oasis.

24% THC

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A masterfully crafted hybrid strain that delivers the invigorating creativity of a sativa, fused with the serene tranquility of an indica. This epitomizes the essence of urban rejuvenation and sophistication. New York Nirvana – the harmonious medley of sweet citrus, earthy pine, and creamy smoke for an unparalleled cannabis journey that transcends expectations.



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