Royal Sunset

Royal Sunset

Mapping the Lineage

Welcome Royal Sunset, a majestic fusion of two exceptional cannabis strains, Juicy Gummy and Royal Kush. This vibrant hybrid inherits the mouth-watering fruity flavors of Juicy Gummy, known for its delectable terpene profile and uplifting effects. Royal Sunset also boasts the prestigious lineage of Royal Kush, a potent indica-dominant strain that delivers a soothing, full-body relaxation. With its unique combination of parent strains, Royal Sunset promises a harmonious blend of tantalizing aromas and balanced effects.
Royal Sunset
flavor & feel


Constructing the Climate

Royal Sunset, with its stunning appearance, showcases vibrant hues of purple and orange, reminiscent of a picturesque sunset. The dense, trichome-coated buds glisten with crystal-like resin, signaling a potent and flavorful experience. As you break the nugs apart, a captivating aroma of sweet, tropical fruits and earthy undertones greets your senses, enticing you to take a hit.

Royal Sunset presents a tasteful blend of Juicy Gummy’s fruity note and Royal Kush’s distinct kush taste. The strain triggers an instant mental uplift, instilling euphoria and gentle vigor, before leading to a deep, relaxing body high. Its balanced potency is perfect for social events or relaxation, offering a serene mix of energy and calm.

24% THC

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A meticulously crafted hybrid strain that blends the invigorating and uplifting essence of a sativa with the soothing and tranquil attributes of an indica, encapsulating the essence of harmony and serenity. Royal Sunset – the ultimate fusion of luscious tropical fruits, earthy undertones, and a touch of royal kush, creating an unparalleled cannabis experience like no other.



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