Spice Market

Spice Market

Examining the Genealogy

Introducing Spice Market, a captivating new cannabis strain born from the exceptional fusion of two distinctive parent strains: GMO and Kush Cleaner. This exotic blend inherits the pungent, earthy, and diesel flavors of GMO – a potent, Indica-dominant hybrid with a unique terpene profile. Complementing these qualities, Kush Cleaner brings its refreshing, citrus-infused aroma and Sativa-leaning influence, resulting in an unparalleled sensory experience. Immerse yourself in the rich lineage of Spice Market, where the finest cannabis genetics converge.
Spice Market
flavor & feel


Starting the Feel

Spice Market stands out with its vibrant, trichome-laden buds that exhibit an exquisite blend of deep greens and rich purples. Its resinous, dense nuggets are adorned with fiery orange pistils, reflecting the strain’s exceptional genetic lineage. The aroma is a complex symphony of spicy, citrus notes, underpinned by a subtle, yet unmistakable diesel undertone. Upon consumption, Spice Market delivers an invigorating cerebral high, courtesy of its Sativa-leaning Kush Cleaner heritage, while the potent Indica-driven effects of GMO provide a soothing, full-body relaxation.
This harmonious balance makes Spice Market an unparalleled strain, perfect for a transcendent and therapeutic experience.

24% THC

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A meticulously crafted hybrid strain that expertly melds the uplifting, cerebral stimulation of a Sativa with the deeply soothing tranquility of an Indica. Embodying the spirit of exploration and indulgence, Spice Market offers a perfect fusion of spicy, citrus, and diesel notes for an unparalleled cannabis experience like never before. Spice Market – the harmonious balance of exotic flavor profiles and exceptional effects, taking your senses on an unforgettable adventure.



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