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CBD for the Yogi

CBD for the Yogi

How CBD can improve your yoga game

As our world starts to get back to normal, the quieter pace of quarantine and remote work is getting stored away to a place in our memory banks, a time we can tell our grandkids about – but not a pace we can look forward to anymore. Because the fact is that we as Americans tend to go a mile a minute between jobs, hobbies, personal time, and side hustles. According to a survey done in 2020, 85.8% of male Americans and 66.5% of female Americans work more than forty hours a week. Americans work more hours per year than any other country in the world. So how do we counteract all that stress, all that anxiety, that comes from balancing work, family, wellness, and more?

Many Americans turn to yoga for coping with anxiety as well as staying fit. In fact, about 36 million Americans practice yoga. Yoga encourages mental quietness and meditation, two things one needs in this world to keep their mind clear and to cope with stresses. CBD can enhance those practices as it decreases anxiety and depression, decreases inflammation, aids in pain relief, and even calms the mind enough to prevent overthinking.

CBD and Our Minds

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in both hemp and cannabis plants. Nowadays, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing a CBD product being sold or advertised, especially as cannabis becomes more legalized state by state and since the federal legalization of hemp in 2018. So how does this seemingly ‘miracle drug’ help your mind?

CBD has been linked to decreased anxiety and depression in various studies. Research is still being conducted, but the results thus far are speaking for themselves. In a 2019 study utilizing CBD as a treatment for anxiety and sleep depression: 80% of the test subjects reported reduced anxiety while 70% reported better sleep.

CBD combined with meditation and other yoga practices will therefore reduce anxious thoughts, calm the mind, and increase relaxation. For this reason, we at High Peaks recommend consuming CBD before a yoga session. It will quiet your mind and allow you to focus, it will help you shed anxieties and focus on your body movements rather than the stresses of everyday life.

How you consume the CBD is up to you! We like tinctures in our smoothies, or even in our morning water. Gummies with our vitamins in the morning are also yummy and easy to remember. If you’re a seltzer addict like so many of us – try the High Peaks CBD Seltzers and hydrate while you consume CBD!

CBD and Our Bodies

Hemp seeds are a superfood. That simply means that they are rich in nutrients which are beneficial to health and wellness. Consuming hemp extract through products like tinctures, gummies, and seltzer waters help our bodies gain protein, amino acids, and vitamins: all things our bodies need to function and to recover from yoga practices and other physical strains.

CBD reduces inflammation and pain, which means that you can push your body for lengthier work outs and recover from injuries faster. These two factors will help you get back to the yoga mat and release the stress of the day faster and healthier than without the aid of CBD. Because CBD reduces inflammation, you are less likely to have a swollen muscle when you consume CBD regularly, meaning you can get more out of each workout than before. High Peaks even has hemp extract spray for sore muscles: a topical solution that acts like familiar products such as Bengay. The spray will calm the muscles, reduce the inflammation, and remove soreness.

Furthermore, since CBD can help with sleep and achieving REM, it can also aid in the rebuilding of muscles. When we are in REM, our cortisol levels are at their lowest, which is when our muscles are able to rebuild from the day’s activity. (Remember the 2019 study where 70% of the subjects reported improved sleep?) If you hit REM thanks to CBD, your muscles can recover faster than if you had a poor night’s rest.

For this reason, we at High Peaks recommend that you consume CBD within two hours after your yoga session. This second dose is for your muscles, while the first dose was for your brain. If you have a post-workout snack, juice, or smoothie, try introducing a CBD tincture to it. The seltzer water after a yoga session is also nice and refreshing and once again hydrates you while supplying you with all those valuable nutrients!

So try taking CBD alongside your yoga sessions and you will notice not only that your body recovers faster but that your mind is quieter, calmer, and more relaxed.