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Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide

From the hard to impress dads to the ‘I don’t need anything’ dads, we got you covered this year!

It’s about that time to find a material way to thank your father for putting up with all your toddler tantrums, teenage nonsense, and adulting SOS’s. (I see you fellow Millennials!) And if your father is anything like mine, you often get the ‘I don’t need anything’ or ‘that’s nice but I already have it’… so what do you get for the person who gave you everything but wants for nothing?

I always like to explore gifts that are consumable when it comes to shopping for difficult family members. The way I see it is it can be used and then it’s done, it doesn’t collect dust on a shelf, and it can actually be used not just put away creating clutter somewhere. So, when I think of Father’s Day shopping this year, the High Peaks collection of products comes to mind. Not only can I get something for my dad that he’d never purchase himself, but I can also get him something that’s good for him! (Kind of like when he made me eat all those vegetables growing up!) And these products won’t clog up a shelf indefinitely either, they’ll go to good use until they’re done, making room for the next gift.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the best Father’s Day gifts High Peaks has to offer and why I recommend them for your dad.

  1. High Peaks NightSky CBN + CBD Tincture – As someone who struggles with sleep, I love this tincture. The combination of CBN, or cannabinol, and CBD (cannabidiol), help calm the body and mind to usher you into a good night’s rest. So if you have a dad who has trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep, I highly recommend this tincture as a thoughtful and useful gift!
  2. High Peaks Berry Burst Energy Shot – This is a great gift for your dad if he has trouble getting started in the morning or finds his energy declining during the day. It’s an energy shot that doesn’t give you the jitters like others may. This is made with CBG or cannabigerol and CBD, so this product is going to give you the benefits of ‘the entourage effect’ like the NightSky Tincture does, which is when compounds work together to target specific or multiple ailments.
  3. High Peaks Hemp Extract Tinctures – CBD – The original High Peaks tincture products are hard to beat. They come in a variety of flavor options: mint, snickerdoodle, a rotating seasonal option (right now it’s Pina Colada and trust me – it’s delicious!) and a flavorless option. The different flavor options mean your dad can add snickerdoodle for a little zest in his morning coffee, or mint right before he brushes his teeth before bed. And if you can’t decide on a flavor, you can get all three and let him choose his favorite (for you to get more of next year!)
  4. High Peaks Formula + Hemp Extract Pain Management Spray – We’ve all made jokes about the noises our dads make when they get out of chairs, or into chairs, or just plain move across the room. Time to put your money where your mouth is and help your dad out with this pain management spray! This spray even has menthol in it, to cool your dad’s muscles and joints as the hemp extract reduces inflammation.
    1. Fun fact: any of the tinctures can also be used topically to reduce inflammation and pain, as rather than being absorbed through the mouth tissue, they’re absorbed through the skin! So if you’re on the fence between this spray and tinctures, consider the tinctures as they’re more versatile.

Dads can be hard to shop for, but not impossible if you’re willing to think outside the box. This year, get creative with your gifting and skip the fishing gear or dad joke of the day calendar, and get your dad something that will make his insides and outsides smile! And remember that if your dad likes any High Peaks products you give him this year, he can keep buying it for himself but you can also add to his collection over more holidays. So you could say it’s the gift that keeps on giving! (Thank me later.)

So look no further this Father’s Day than High Peaks for all your shopping needs. Your dad, his aches, pains, and sleeping habits, will be happy you did!