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Forming Healthy Routines

Forming Healthy Routines

Easy steps towards achieving healthy, lasting habits with CBD

In 1960 Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote a self-help book in which he observed that patients took twenty-one days to gain acceptances of changes to their body. From that observation, sixty-one years later, we still have the common saying that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit.

New studies show that it is between twenty-one and sixty-six days of new behavior for most people to form a new habit. The range differs, as everything does, depending on the person. Still, sixty-six days is just over two months and is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to devote to making one healthy choice every day until it becomes a habit.

Here are our tips on how to introduce CBD, or cannabidiol, to your daily routine in a way that works for you and creates a healthy and lasting habit.

Which Form of CBD?

Our easiest answer is the High Peaks hemp extract tinctures. There are two tincture varieties available from High Peaks: one with only CBD and one with CBD and CBG. (Both are made with hemp extract and are federally legal.) CBG stands for cannabigerol and is like CBD in that it is another cannabinoid, but it is classified as a minor cannabinoid because it is not prominent in most strains of cannabis or hemp. CBG is an exciting cannabinoid because it is being studied in connection with treating cancer, glaucoma, and even helping with bladder disorders (amongst other things!)

Morning Glory

We recommend introducing CBD tinctures to your morning routine. Why? Well, High Peaks offers a variety of flavors in their tincture options, all of which pair well with traditional morning beverages. Furthermore, it’s an easy and streamlined method of consumption and we all already have our morning routines, making the addition of one more step achievable.

We recommend keeping your tincture either next to your coffee, tea, vitamins, or toothbrush. The Pumpkin Spice Latté flavor for example, could go right in your usual latté, cappuccino, or even regular old drip coffee (pumpkin spiced or not – it’s a delicious hint of flavor!) Pour the beverage, add the tincture and you’re done! Another option is letting the tincture rest under your tongue for sixty to ninety seconds. This method of consumption takes the digestive track out of the equation and increases the absorption percentage of the CBD.

The mint flavor is great for the morning time because it doesn’t clash with your toothbrushing routine – we’re serious! Have you ever brushed your teeth then remembered you had half a cup of coffee left? It’s the worst! With the mint flavored tincture from High Peaks, you can put the tincture right next to your toothbrush and complete two routines in one bathroom trip! We also like to use the mint tincture in green tea for those of us who don’t drink coffee. It’s nice in matcha as well and adds a hint of brightness to white hot chocolate too!

The unflavored tincture can go effortlessly in your water, or any beverage, caffeinated or not, that you start your day with. You won’t even know it’s there, working away to get your body and brain going for the day!

So now you have some starter tips on where to physically keep your tincture and what it pairs well with. You have a morning routine which is already established, adding a tincture is fast and easy. Now, all you need to do is keep it going for twenty-one to sixty-six days! Our tip? The tinctures go fast, make sure you order your refills ahead of time so that you don’t run out and lose your momentum while waiting on an order!

How Much Do You Use?

Just like all medications, drugs, or alcohol, CBD dosing varies with the body it is interacting with. For that reason we recommend discussing dosage with your doctor before consuming CBD.

We at High Peaks also recommend that you take the time to do the research into the product that you choose to consume. Be sure to consult the COA or certificate of analysis before purchasing your CBD tincture. CBD does not need to be FDA approved and therefore there are a lot of inferior products on the market today. Furthermore, knowing the potency of the product should inform how much you take.

Studies thus far have shown that the human body handles CBD very well, and that the threat of overdosing on this drug is not realistic. The biggest danger tends to be with CBD interacting poorly with other medications, which is why discussing adding CBD to your routine with your doctor first is so important.

We recommend starting small and building by five milligrams a week if needed. Most people take between twenty and forty milligrams a day. If you’re just getting started and have spoken to your doctor, starting small at about five milligrams is a good place to start your journey.

When you have these tools, sixty-six days doesn’t seem so intimidating, does it? Good luck!