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Getting Back into the Swing of Post-Summer Life

Getting Back into the Swing of Post-Summer Life

How CBD can help your post-summer stress

 The end of summer is never an enjoyable time – the days start to shorten, the weather begins to cool off, and lots of people start getting back to school and work. This summer is a little different, with the added stress of COVID cases spiking again, the universe has given us just another stressor to cope with this time of year. Fortunately for you, CBD offers a healthy and natural way to help deal with all of the anxieties of the end of summer 2021. Here’s how CBD can help you survive your stress and rather than crumble: thrive into the fall!

CBD and Anxiety

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been and continues to be studied in connection with—amongst other things—anxiety. Coping with the anxiety of locking up summer houses and refocusing on school or work or just cold weather days can be treated with the use of daily CBD. While research is still being conducted, the results thus far have been very positive as to the anxiety-reducing impact of CBD.

An important thing to remember is that maintaining cannabidiol in your daily routine is a good way to keep anxiety at bay. Waiting until you are anxious is not always comfortable, but ingesting CBD at that time can also immediately help calm anxiety. We recommend integrating one or two High Peaks products into your daily routine to make sure your body is well-balanced consistently. We also recommend speaking to your doctor before using CBD, as everyone’s body is unique.

Protein and CBD

A good way to keep CBD in your system is by trying High Peaks’ protein bars. There are two flavors to choose from: peanut butter and cookie dough. Both are only 190 calories and contain plant-derived protein. Most importantly for your anxiety: both protein bars contain 20mg of hemp-derived CBD.

These tasty treats can be a great break in your day just considering the flavor profiles alone. But these snacks will not only taste good, they will give you good calories to burn and with that: the energy you need to get things done. The protein will give you that necessary mid-day boost we all need, and the hemp-derived CBD will give your body the phytocannabinoids to reduce anxiety and keep you calm.

These 20mg of CBD from the daily protein bar could be all you need for the day. The High Peaks tinctures, for example, are a serving size of 10mg with recommended use twice a day. If you feel that the protein bar CBD content isn’t enough for you – that’s okay! All bodies are different. We recommend increasing your CBD content slowly and monitoring the changes you feel. Start with adding 5-10mg and see how that feels for a week before increasing the CBD intake. Hot tip: keeping a journal will help you keep track and remember!

Seltzer and CBD

Another option from the High Peaks portfolio for you to introduce to your days is the seltzer water selection. It’s hard to meet someone who isn’t into seltzers right now – everyone seems to be making them and everyone seems to be enjoying them! High Peaks yields a selection of three different flavors of CBD seltzer waters: grapefruit, watermelon mint, and black cherry. All of these are zero calories and zero sugar, with natural and artificial flavors to quench your thirst and relax those nerves! Click here for some fun cocktail and even our brand-new popsicle recipes to use these seltzers in too!

Like the protein bars, the seltzer waters can serve as a tiny break to look forward to in your day. Many of us tend to bring a treat, snack, or fun drink with us to work or school, so instead of grabbing a soda or a regular old seltzer: try High Peaks instead. Soda will dehydrate you, and often has a lot of sugars and other harmful ingredients. Regular seltzers taste good, but without CBD they will only hydrate you. With High Peaks seltzers, you’re giving your body a dose of relaxation along with that hydration. That’s why you choose CBD seltzer, that’s why you choose High Peaks.

So whether you’re going back to school, parenting or teaching students who are going back to school, or just realizing you’ve used all your vacation days for the beach – we’ve got you covered to cope with those anxieties. Before the weather drops and the days get darker earlier, get ahead of those familiar anxieties with CBD daily.