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Holiday Gift Guide

Think outside the box this year!

It’s our credit card company’s favorite time of year: the holiday season! That’s right, it’s time to make lists, check them 143 times at least, and cross your fingers that you didn’t forget someone.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I often find myself buying things just to cross people off my list. Those things can be thoughtful and fun, but they can also just lead to more needless clutter for the gift recipient in the long run. This year, I decided to buy things that won’t last forever, but may help my friends and family feel better. So here’s my quick little guide to the High Peaks inventory, for whoever you need to check off your list!

For The Insomniac

  1. NightSky Sleep Aid – As an insomniac, I really can’t recommend this product enough! Made with both CBD or cannabidiol, and CBN or cannabinol, which work together in an effort to help you get to sleep faster and sleep sounder. I like these because they’re capsules, so I can take it effortlessly right before bed.
  2. NightSky Tincture – This is a new product that, like the capsules, utilizes both CBN and CBD. Not only has this dynamic duo been linked to relaxation, CBN users report getting a high-quality, eight-hour night’s rest when they take CBN before bed. You can get this tincture in a natural flavor, which blends in easily with most anything, or mint chocolate chip!

For The Athlete

  1. High Peaks Formula and Pain Spray – This is must-have product for anyone who pushes their body to its peak. This hemp extract, menthol, and camphor formula aims to reduce inflammation and pain with each spray. I’ve personally used this for sore muscles after a long workout, old aches and pains from previous injuries, and even for my legs when I’ve taken a bad fall. So you could give this to your athletic friend and your clumsy friend too!
  2. High Peaks Protein Bars – These come in two flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate and Cookie Dough. Which is my favorite? Asking me that is essentially asking me to choose between my non-existent children. Both of these flavors are delicious and packed with plant-derived protein, so you really can’t go wrong. I love these as a stocking stuffer for any hiker or outdoorsy person I know. They can keep them in their pack easily and have a tasty, healthy treat when they’re out in the middle of nowhere, finding their peak!

For The Outdoorsy Type

  1. Snickerdoodle Tincture – This is a great option for those of us with on-the-go loved ones. It is the newest flavor from High Peaks for tincture options and it’s seasonal, so get it while you can! The Snickerdoodle Tincture is tasty, but it’s also easy to keep in your bag, car, or pocket all day. I give these to my friends who are constantly moving so that they can have a dose of CBD wherever they are!
  2. High Peaks Sparkling Water and Hemp Extract – Who doesn’t love seltzer these days? High Peaks has sparkling water to gift to your outdoorsy friend on the go! We offer three flavors, Black Cherry, Watermelon Mint, and Grapefruit. All three are packed with water soluble hemp and natural flavors, giving your body the crisp, flavorful boost that’s necessary when enjoying the great outdoors.

For The Pet Parent

  1. Hemp Extract Pet Gravy – This is a tasty and sneaky way to get pets to consume CBD. Not only does it taste good, it may decrease their anxiety, calm them, and help them with any aches and pains they have going on. My dog won’t eat his food without his High Peaks Gravy on top anymore!
  2. Pet Pleasers – Available for both cats and dogs, these treats may calm your pet in a thunderstorm or if they just plain get anxious when you go to work. They also act as an excellent reward because they taste good while being 100% organic and made without sugar. It’s a pet treat you can feel good about!

So this year, instead of grabbing meaningless stocking stuffers just to fill some empty space, consider visiting the High Peaks website, or our shop on Amazon, to offer your loved ones some tasty and healthy lifestyle aids! And if you’re new to the hemp extract world, you can learn more about hemp, CBD, CBG, CBN, and how it all works in our bodies by visiting our blog!

Happy Holidays and happy shopping!