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Mental Clarity and CBD

Mental Clarity and CBD

How to use CBD for better focus, less anxiety, and more productivity

It’s hard to shake the image of the classic stoner. We have been bombarded with the media and anti-drug movement’s portrayal of a brain dead, flaky, goofball in tie-dyed t-shirts, living in their parents’ basement and not having the ambition to have a life outside of getting high. This is a stigma that needs to be removed. As we move forward with utilizing the positive benefits of CBD and THC, it’s important to know what exactly the impacts of these drugs are.

What Does it Mean to be ‘Psychoactive’?

Both CBD and THC are psychoactive drugs. This means that they impact the brain. They do not make you ‘psycho’, they do not create psychosis, they just simply affect brain activity. Some prescription psychoactive drugs you may be familiar with are Zoloft, Ativan, and Xanax. Those three prescribed drugs are used to treat depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. These are three common ailments of the human condition and unfortunately, a lot of psychoactive prescriptions have side-effects like loss of libido, dizziness, headaches, and lack of focus. These are not side-effects of CBD.

Does CBD Get You High?

CBD is psychoactive just like THC, but what exactly does that mean? Firstly, CBD cannot get you high. It’s important to understand that there is a big difference in the way that our body responds to THC versus CBD. That difference is that THC is the chemical which gives us that feeling of being high. CBD on the other hand, does not affect the brain in the same way.

Scientists have worked to isolate CBD, or cannabidiol, so that we can reap the benefits of CBD’s psychoactive effects without the disorienting effects of getting high from THC. The effects of CBD are quite the opposite of the classic stoner portrayal we have seen for nearly one-hundred years. CBD’s ability to make you focus and offer mental clarity has been and continues to be studied in various research studies.

How to Make CBD Work for Your Mental Clarity

Research shows that CBD works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to improve focus. The logic follows that since our body naturally produces endocannabinoids in order to help us focus, relieve anxiety, and even reduce muscle soreness, the consumption of phytocannabinoids would therefore produce similar results. So if you’re like many people and sometimes (or all the time…) struggle to sit down and focus on the task at hand, that could indicate that your body is not producing the proper amount of endocannabinoids. By ingesting a phytocannabinoid like CBD, you can get your body back on track for focus and productivity.

So now that you understand a little more about how CBD interacts with your brain, you can start to learn about how to use it to improve focus.

Making CBD Part of Your Daily Routine

Figuring out the best way for you to consume CBD is a low-risk trial and error process. If you’re someone who struggles daily with focus, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, making the High Peaks CBD tincture a part of your morning routine alongside vitamins is an easy way to get your day going. Simply keep your tincture right next to your vitamins in your medicine cabinet, making the routine easy to slip into in the morning – which is the most difficult time of day for many of us.

Integrating the CBD tincture into your morning via a cup of coffee or tea is also an easy way to keep consuming CBD regular. (Hot tip: try adding the High Peaks mint tincture to your morning matcha tea!)

It’s important to remember that just like THC edibles, CBD does not take effect immediately. Studies are still being conducted to measure how long it takes for CBD to begin working, but researchers estimate about thirty minutes at the minimum.

As far as how much a person should take, just like with other drugs and alcohol, there are variables. Body weight and your unique body’s chemistry are two big factors. For mental clarity, 15mg once or twice a day is a great way to get started. If you don’t feel the effects after a week, increasing by increments of 5mg week by week is a good way to slowly take note of changes. Keeping track of doses and the impact you feel on your body with a journal is a great tool for remembering what works for you. Please note that as with anything new you are introducing to your body as a daily supplement, it is a good idea to check with your doctor prior to beginning the dosage.

In the evening, you can easily make gummies part of your nighttime treat. The sweet and tart flavors serve as a nice little dessert after dinner but meanwhile: your body is preparing for sleep and is better equipped with that extra boost of CBD.

So try making CBD a part of your daily routine and reward system and reap the benefits of better mental clarity!