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New Year, New Resolution

This year, ditch the crash diets for something sustainable

While it isn’t fair how fast 2021 passed, it is an exciting time for us to gear up for the fresh challenges of 2022. Let’s talk about some resolutions!

Though it’s always tempting to aim high with health goals, which we fully support, sometimes taking smaller steps towards more sustainable daily routines is better. Here are some easy, tasty ways to help improve your body and mind in 2022!

Morning Routine

Mornings can be tough for many of us (or the hardest part of the day for some of us…) so a good way to get your day going is starting it with a little CBD boost. High Peaks has three tinctures that I’m personally a huge fan of, which help me get going in the morning. They not only have CBD, they also have CBG, or cannabigerol. Studies are showing that CBD and CBG work really well together to help our bodies achieve homeostasis.

CBG in particular has been linked to affecting dopamine levels in the brain, meaning it has the potential to fight depression and anxiety. So by introducing a High Peaks tincture with both CBD and CBG in it, you may be providing your body with support it needs to fight decreased dopamine levels and therefore also anxiety and depression. Not a bad way to start your day!

Another potential benefit of using these tinctures in the morning is that CBG may provide an energy boost, which is exactly what so many of us need as soon as we get out of bed. By adding ten milligrams of High Peaks Snickerdoodle Tincture to your coffee, you’re giving yourself energy without the jitters from something like an extra espresso shot. I also like to add the Natural Tincture to my cereal or oatmeal, because there isn’t much taste in that option. It blends in perfectly with the flavors of the food!

Afternoon Routine

Speaking of energy, those same CBD and CBG tinctures are great when you start to experience that four PM crash and need a little extra energy to get you through the remainder of your day. As I said before, it won’t give you the jitters that are common with energy drinks and coffee, but it may just give you the push you need to be productive for the final hour of your workday.

I like to add the Mint Tincture to my tea in the afternoon, or even my water. The flavor is subtle and refreshing. While this tincture may be like medicine to your body, it certainly doesn’t taste like it!

 Evening Routine

The High Peaks tinctures are also great in the evening, especially because High Peaks has recently released their NightSky line, which is intended explicitly to help achieve sleep. The NightSky Tinctures have both CBD and CBN, which is another powerhouse couple of compounds ready to help you find your dream peak. Like CBD and CBG, these two compounds work really well together.

CBN, or cannabinol, like CBG, has the potential to affect depression and anxiety. Studies have also been linked CBN to creating sedation, which is why you will see it often in tincture or hemp products which are intended to help you sleep.

Because introducing CBN to your nightly routine may help you fall asleep faster and sleep sounder, I highly recommend the NightSky Tinctures from High Peaks. A good night’s sleep will help your immune system, allow your body to recover with muscle regrowth, and even positively affect your libido! These are all things that we all want and need going into 2022, so why not try the NightSky tinctures from High Peaks?

For all these reasons, I put a little NightSky tincture under my tongue before bed, or in my hot chocolate or sleepy-time tea. (The Mint Tincture goes so well with hot chocolate!) I love feeling like I am giving a little assist to my body as it tries to achieve REM and get much-needed rest sooner.

New Peaks in 2022

So instead of making lofty goals that are easily put on the sidelines, try introducing CBD, CBN, and CBG to your daily routine. While the results of the various research are still coming in, the conclusions are very promising!

And as always, we recommend discussing the introduction of any cannabinoid into your routine with your doctor before consumption.

Here’s to finding your peak in 2022!