Discover your peak.

Our Story

At High Peaks, we’re obsessed with a feeling. A feeling of adventure, spontaneity, self-discovery, and re-creation. We encourage a life full of pushing boundaries and escaping routines.

The High Peaks Wellness Badge with some hikers walking up a hill

Enjoy your Journey

We set out to create the world’s best sparkling water, infused with CBD extract from hemp plants. The benefits of CBD are vast, and we wanted to combine that with the best tasting natural flavors from fruit and the purest sparkling water possible. Our goal was to create a drink that not only hydrates and replenishes the body, but also affects the mind in a positive way. 

But a successful journey begins with a body that feels great, so we wanted to formulate additional products that set our customer up for success. Our Lifestyle Aid and Consumable lines will help you feel rested, energized, pain-free, and ready to tackle your day. Our Pet line will have your dog or cat feeling their best too! 

Feel the mental clarity and calming effect of our special formulation of CBD extract. With High Peaks running through you, you’ll feel empowered to climb to new heights, satisfy your curiosities, and truly experience each of the moments that make up your journey.

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The High Peaks Promise

Premium Quality and Reliability

Unlike many CBD companies, we use the safest and most reliable methods possible in our processing, to ensure EVERY batch of cannabinoid extract we produce is consistent and clean.

100% USA Grown

Many companies source cannabinoids from foreign countries, which creates a gap in the ability to guarantee quality every time. We ONLY source our cannabinoids from USA Hemp Plants, grown by our trusted team of USA Farmers.


We respect our customers, and we believe in honesty at High Peaks. If you have a question about our process or anything else, we will always be direct and clear in our answer.

Complete Integration

We are a fully integrated company, which means we have control over every aspect of the supply chain, from seed to final sale. This means we take full responsibility for every product with a High Peaks logo on it.

Third Party Lab Tested

We vigorously test ALL our product and do so in EVERY stage of production. We use both our in-house lab and a trusted third party lab. Every batch we produce goes through a 3-step testing process (in-house test, third party test, comparison test), to ensure the results are extremely accurate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At High Peaks, we don’t cut corners when making your product. It is our guarantee that we ALWAYS put in the extra effort to do things the right way. We believe that you will love each High Peaks product you try. If you don’t, please let us know. We take full responsibility for our supply chain and we will always listen to our customers’ suggestions for improvement.

Friendly Customer Support

When you contact High Peaks, you talk to a real person on our team. Our customer support members do not work in a call center, but at the High Peaks office itself. We are available during normal work hours, and we get back to you the next day if you miss us. Just dial 1-888-654-3CBD or email us at

GMP Certified

Our facility and staff are GMP certified. That means that as a team, we ensure every step in our process is fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices and we are trained to perform our jobs to the highest standards.