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Pet Separation

The Pets Are Okay

Ensuring your pet doesn’t experience anxiety as you return to old routines

During quarantine in 2020, pet adoption and purchases soared nationwide. Many breeders reported waiting lists that were extending into the next year and even years ahead. Shelters were also ‘low on inventory’ as the demand for quarantine companions continued to rise. I’m sure we all know many people or are even are those people who adopted or bought pets in the last year and a half.

Even pet foster parents started adopting in 2020! Twenty-five percent of pet foster parents decided to permanently adopt their wards last year –  but – it’s not 2020 anymore. And as we get more and more back to normal in a world beyond quarantine, kids have gone back to school, young adults are back to college, and most of us are even physically back at the office.

Because the COVID vaccines are being circulated more and more, we are closer than ever to being less remote and more on premise for both work and school now. This is exciting and scary for us, but can be even more scary for our pets, especially the new ones who never lived without you around all day before. Separation anxiety often occurs in many pets, whether they are cats or dogs. So if you come home from work and find that your dog has acted out by chewing a pillow (something they never do!) or that your kitty has had a rare accident right in the middle of the floor, what are you to do?

First, it’s important to note that punishment and praise are both out of the question. Your animal is not trying to do something out of spite, animals are not like humans in that sense! And if you punish them for an act they did at 9:30am at 6:30pm, they’re not going to understand why they’re in trouble. Praising them is going to give them the wrong impression too. So what’s the right thing to do?

One potential way to help keep your four-legged family member from experiencing separation anxiety is to introduce CBD, or cannabidiol, into their daily routine. CBD has been linked to reducing anxiety in both humans and animals so if you’re noticing that your dog or cat is experiencing separation anxiety, asking your vet about CBD to help calm those anxieties just might be the right move for you and your pet.

High Peaks offers two different CBD treats that are made for pets from hemp derived extract. Check out our website for information on ordering our Pet Pleasers for dogs and/or for cats (coming soon)! Our Pet Pleasers are certified organic with no sugar added. The ingredients, like the treats, are simple and straight forward. And of course these treats not only taste good, they may keep your pet calm when you’re not around. Can your current pet treat live up to all that? Don’t even check, it can’t.

Dosage for your pet depends on body weight and any pre-existing health conditions. We always recommend discussing introducing hemp extract and CBD with your vet before purchasing or administering any of our pet products.

Exercise is another great way to keep your pet from noticing you’re gone. Can you hire a dog walker or cat sitter? Maybe you can get a new toy for your cat or dog to keep their brain and body occupied for a period of time! If you hire a pet sitter, they can also help you with keeping your pet calm when you’re not around by giving the pet High Peaks Pet Pleasers. Not only will your pet feel rewarded and appreciated (because you know they’re such good boys and girls), their separation anxiety may be naturally calmed as well.

Hemp extract and CBD are gentler on your pet’s system. While other drugs can have side effects, hemp extract and CBD hasn’t shown drastic side effects. CBD may cause lethargy of course, but that’s part of why it’s a good supplement for treating anxiety in our pets.

So if you’re starting to notice that getting back to work or school, or any kind of daily routines that 2020 didn’t allow for has stressed your pet out, try CBD. CBD is natural and High Peaks’ Pet Pleasers are all organic, so your pet won’t have the side effects that lots of other anti-anxiety drugs create. And of course, they’re tasty, which your pet will love, and they may calm anxiety, which your pet (and you) will also appreciate!