High Peaks Hemp Extract Tinctures-CBD+CBG


Looking for a little more focus and energy in your life? Clear your mind and tackle your day with High Peaks CBD+CBG tinctures! Fall in love with our limited-edition Pumpkin Spice, sweet and spicy with hints of clove, ginger and nutmeg. Our Mint tincture has a fresh, mellow flavor, sure to make your mouth feel clean. And our simple, unflavored Natural hemp extract tastes like you’re eating a cloud! We recommend taking the dropper sublingually, or for a fun twist, add to any of your favorite recipes. Our bottles give you the freedom to take High Peaks hemp extract where you want, when you want and how you want.
Discover your Peak and feel the clarity with High Peaks Hemp Extract CBD+CBG Tinctures!
  • 1 fl oz (30 mL)
  • 1500 mg Hemp Extract (750 mg CBD and 750 mg CBG) per tincture

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Pumpkin Spice, Natural, Mint, Variety 3-Pack

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