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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

How to make this fall classic part of a healthier you

It’s finally fall and if you’re anything like me you’re excited! Falls means it’s time for us all to get those cozy sweaters out of storage, dust off our favorite beanies, and gear up for pumpkin spice everything! Yes, even pumpkin spice CBD tinctures!

As your daily routine changes, it can be easy to let certain healthy habits fall through the cracks. We’re here for you at High Peaks though, don’t you worry. We’ve worked on compiling this easy list of tips on how to integrate our Pumpkin Spice CBD tincture into your new autumnal schedule.

But wait – why should you be integrating High Peaks’ CBD tinctures into your routine? I’m glad you asked! CBD has been linked to mental clarity, reduced pain and inflammation, and even calming anxiety. By introducing CBD, or cannabidiol, into your daily routine, you’re giving your body a leg up in battling pain, anxiety, and brain-fog. All with just a couple drops of a tasty tincture!

You should consult your doctor before you begin taking CBD. The amount you ingest depends on pre-existing conditions, your body weight, and the concentration of the consumable you’ve chosen. Your doctor will be able to help you make a healthy, informed decision on if you should or should not take CBD, and if you should: how much you should take. Often this begins with a slow integration and upscaling the intake CBD over time.


Mornings can be pretty hectic, and sometimes all you can do is survive them. Still, we can help you keep CBD in your routine.

  1. If you commute, try keeping the High Peaks Pumpkin Spice CBD tincture in your purse, bag, pocket, or car. That way you can add it to your coffee, even if you’ve brought it from home. If you stop on your way to work, you can add it to your breakfast beverage then.
  2. If you don’t commute, keep your High Peaks Pumpkin Spice CBD tincture right next to your morning beverage setup. Are you a coffee drinker? Put it right next to your coffee pot. More of a tea person? Keep it near your cups! Removing the hunt for a tincture in the morning is half the battle.


You’re halfway through the day, it’s lunchtime. Maybe you get a lunch break, maybe you have to work through it. Regardless, you want to keep your mind sharp and fight aches and pains. Where is your tincture?

  1. If you’re a commuter, it’s in your purse, bag, pocket, or car. Grab it! Place the tincture under your tongue and count to thirty. That’s all!
  2. If you’re working from home, it’s with your morning beverage setup. Maybe make yourself an afternoon tea and add the tincture to that. No time? Just put the tincture under your tongue like we recommend for the commuters.


The day has ended. You made it! You’ve had dinner, you’ve done dishes, you’re about to get into bed. Where is your tincture?

  1. Surprise! You keep one in your medicine cabinet. Why? Because the last thing most people do before they go to bed is brush their teeth. So you (being the genius you are) keep a second tincture right next to your toothpaste. You place the tincture under your tongue, count to thirty, brush your teeth and hit the hay.
  2. Sleepy time tea anyone? A lot of people enjoy a chamomile tea or the likes to help them bring on sleep after a stressful day. We suggest adding our tincture to many different flavors. The pumpkin spice tincture goes well with valerian root, lemon balm, and passionflower. (Don’t forget that CBD also helps with falling asleep and maintaining REM.) Our pumpkin spice also goes great in a hot chocolate!

If you don’t want pumpkin spice three times a day, you can make your evening tincture our flavorless option or even mint, to pair well with a minty toothpaste or mouthwash!

So whether you’re going back to school, parenting someone going back to school, or just getting back into the swing of work after a long, hot summer, staying healthy can be tricky. Keeping your High Peaks tincture(s) handy is an easy, simple way to keep your body and mind on point.

And at the end of the day – this is an excellent excuse to add a little more pumpkin spice to your autumn!