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Spring Forward with High Peaks

As we approach the springtime and clocks springing ahead, the idea of losing an hour of sleep can be daunting. Even though the concept of changing the clocks is to take advantage of more daylight, forcing our bodies to adjust to an hour less of sleep literally overnight, is a lot for many of us. It can really slow you down and impact your productivity, happiness, and even your immune system. Sleep is valuable, precious, coveted, and hard to come by for anyone who is like me and suffers from a chronic sleep disorder.

Fortunately for me, and possibly you, High Peaks has a great new product that may help ease you into the new season of earlier mornings. I’d recommend starting to use this ‘sleep shot’ immediately, to get your body adjusted to a goodnight’s rest. Afterall, why would you wait for a time change to sleep sounder?

High Peaks and Sleep

High Peaks is no stranger to sleep-aids. Their NightSky Tinctures with both CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol) aim to assist in calming your mind, reduce anxious thoughts, and help ease you into sleep. I am a huge fan of the NightSky Tinctures and find the way that CBD and CBN interact with each other are effective for me to help me sleep. (You can read more about CBD and CBN by clicking their respective links.)

Like I said, I am a huge fan of the NightSky Tinctures, I have to say though, that the new Tropical Slumber Sleep Shot from High Peaks is something to write home about. The shot is water-soluble, which is done to help the intended and potential sleepy-time effects work faster. Like the NightSky Tinctures, the Tropical Slumber Sleep Shot is also made with both CBD and CBN.

While CBD and CBN are not FDA-approved (yet) there have been multiple studies into how these two chemicals interact with each other. Research is showing a positive future for utilizing CBD and CBN for treating sleep disorders. So, if you suffer from insomnia, nightmares, or any other sleep disorder, choosing CBD and/or CBN might be the move for you.

Not only does the Tropical Slumber Sleep Shot work for me, it tastes good too. I would recommend drinking this before you brush your teeth as the flavors delivered are exactly what the label says. This is a tart, tropical, and orange-forward treat you’re bound to enjoy if you love anything Tiki. It’s almost like a dessert and if you’re a fan of gummies, you’re going to like it!

Finding Your Sleep Peak

Integrating any new supplement into your routine should be a decision you make after speaking with your doctor. It’s important to know if they are the right option for you considering any pre-existing conditions, all of this information is information that your doctor knows best.

So, once you’ve made the informed decision to try CBD and CBN to assist in helping with a better night’s rest, I’d recommend trying the very tasty Tropical Slumber Sleep Shot. Treat yourself to this yummy tart and tropical fruit explosion before your nightly routine. For me, I drink my Tropical Slumber Sleep Shot before I let the dog out one final time, right before I brush my teeth and wash my face. By the time I’m getting into bed, I’m starting to feel the effects.

The Tropical Slumber Sleep Shot has helped me reach my sleepy time peak and I hope it does the same for you!