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SweetTart Mocktail

Grapefruit Mocktail Recipe

It’s officially Sober September and this month I’m working to support people giving up alcohol with an original yummy and fun mocktail recipe every week.

High Peaks has three delicious flavors of hemp-derived CBD seltzers, which drink well alone or with alcohol – but they also make fabulous mocktails! So here’s an easy recipe with only a few ingredients to help you survive Sober September and beyond!

SweetTart Mocktail

  • 4 oz High Peaks Grapefruit Sparkling Water and Hemp Extract
  • 1 ½ oz cranberry juice
  • ½ oz lime juice
  • 2 king cubes (4 oz each)
  • Himalayan pink rock salt

Add king cubes to a highball or large rocks glass, then add the cranberry juice, lime juice and finally top with the High Peaks Grapefruit Seltzer Water. No need to stir.

To finish: drizzle the mocktail with Himalayan pink rock salt to taste. It might seem weird, but this is a tart drink, so the salt will help balance the flavors. If you’d like, you can even rim the glass with salt like a Margarita!

This drink was inspired by a Seabreeze, a cocktail from the 90’s that deserves to stay in the 90’s. I had forgotten this simple cocktail of the past and it made me smile to be able use it as inspiration for a fun mocktail.

The tasting profile for this is in the name: it’s a little sweet and very tart. It reminded me of the candy, which is why I chose the name. If you don’t like tart, and the salt isn’t doing the trick for you, I suggest adding a half ounce of simple syrup.

Cheers to you and your sobriety!