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At High Peaks, we’re obsessed with a feeling. A feeling of adventure, spontaneity, self-discovery, and re-creation. We encourage a life full of pushing boundaries and escaping routines.

A successful journey begins with a body that feels great. Feel the mental clarity and calming effect of our special formulations of CBD extract and other helpful cannabinoids. With High Peaks running through you, you’ll feel empowered to climb to new heights, satisfy your curiosities, and truly experience each of the moments that make up your journey.

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High Peaks NightSky CBN CBD Sleep Aid with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

NightSky CBN-CBD Sleep Aid


This rare combination of cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD) is known for easing an anxious mind and relaxing the body completely. Discover Your Peak with High Peaks NightSky CBN + CBD Sleep Aid Capsules.

  • 10 mg CBN and 10 mg CBD in each capsule
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