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Welcome to the High Peaks product line. Our premium cannabis products cater to every type of person, whether you’re looking for a quick and convenient hit with our disposable THC vape pens, or a more sophisticated experience with our live rosin. From our infused THC gummies to our pre rolls and more, we’ve got you covered. Join us and elevate your experience with High Peaks.


High Peaks is a destination for the adventurous, the explorers, and those seeking to enrich their lives with the extraordinary potential of cannabis. Our range of premium products empowers entrepreneurs, comforts the stressed, aids the wellness-minded, and elevates the day-to-day experiences of all our customers.

Our community represents diverse walks of life, united by a belief in the benefits of high-quality, consistent cannabis products. We invite you to join the High Peaks family and experience this synergy. Discover the positive influence cannabis can have on your lifestyle.

At High Peaks, we understand that the journey towards a cannabis-empowered lifestyle is ongoing. It’s about constantly evolving and embracing new opportunities. That’s why we remain steadfast in our mission to provide you with the best tools for your journey.

Mt. Citrus

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At High Peaks, we understand that the right strain can make all the difference in a cannabis experience. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Mt. Citrus – a hybrid cannabis strain that embodies the essence of quality and potency. Born from the merging of Chemdog with other renowned strains like Sour Diesel, Super Skunk, White Widow, and Purple Urkle, Mt. Citrus offers a well-balanced experience that provides euphoria, creativity, and an uplifted mood.

Our journey to create Mt. Citrus began with a quest to find the perfect combination of genetics that would deliver the best possible experience. With a deep understanding of the science behind cannabis, our team of experts set out to create a strain that would embody the spirit of the High Peaks brand – a commitment to experience, expertise, and excellence.

Today, Mt. Citrus stands out with its distinctive citrus and gassy aroma, highly regarded by cannabis enthusiasts. Its well-balanced effects have made it a favorite among those seeking a premium experience. Join us on a journey to discover the difference that quality and potency can make with Mt. Citrus from High Peaks.


Welcome to the High Peaks merchandise section, where you’ll find a range of custom and unique products that embody the spirit of our brand. Our products are more than just merchandise – they’re a way for you to show your love and support for High Peaks.

Find meaningful pieces of branding that you’ll love to have. From custom t-shirts, to hats, and more, our merchandise is as authentic as the High Peaks brand itself.

Our products are designed to be both stylish and practical, so you can show off your love for High Peaks while you go about your day. Whether you’re looking for a new t-shirt to wear to your next adventure or some wall art to decorate your home, we’ve got you covered. 



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