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MtCitrus is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the genetics of Chemdog with various other strains including Sour Diesel, Super Skunk, White Widow, and Purple Urkle. Its lineage is characterized by a high degree of quality and potency. MtCitrus provides a well-balanced experience that produces euphoria, creativity, and uplifted mood. The strain is known for its distinctive citrus and gassy aroma, which is highly regarded by cannabis enthusiasts. 

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Mt. Citrus

The flavor profile of the Mt. Citrus strain is a refreshing burst of citrus, reminiscent of a freshly peeled lemon, which provides a tangy and invigorating sensation. This is beautifully complemented by subtle undertones of lavender, adding a floral sweetness that softens the tang of the citrus. The flavor journey concludes with a hint of cinnamon, adding a warm and spicy note to the mix. This complex combination of lemon, lavender, and cinnamon results in a flavor that is both balanced and intriguing, making Mt. Citrus a strain that stands out for its taste.

The citrusy Mt. Citrus strain exudes a vibrant aroma with refreshing notes. Its profile is enriched by its unique blend of terpenes, making it a standout choice. The warm undertones add depth to its overall character.

Join the High Peaks community and discover the difference that a well-balanced and premium strain can make. Climb to new heights with Mt. Citrus.

Experience the best of both worlds with Mt. Citrus.

A unique and carefully curated hybrid strain that gives you the energizing and uplifting effects of a sativa, combined with the relaxing and calming qualities of an indica. Thus embodying the spirit of adventure and passion. Mt. Citrus – the perfect balance of lemon, lavender and cinnamon for an elevated cannabis experience like no other.



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